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Q: How is Abbotsbury different to any other building contractor?

A: We are proud to say that we maintain a strong belief in good workmanship and a job well done. We can support our clients on everything from planning and design to construction, maintenance and support. All of our clients can have the absolute confidence that we will work alongside them to ensure that their project is delivered on time, budget and to a high standard.

Q: Do I get any guarantee or warranty if Abbotsbury constructs a residential building for me?

A: Abbotsbury Contractors is a proud member of the National House Building Council (NHBC). As a result, all of our new homes must comply with the latest NHBC regulations and are covered by a NHBC 10 year warranty.

Q: I want Abbotsbury to be my building contractor, but I need some help in the design and planning stage of my project, could Abbotsbury help?

A: Abbotsbury Contractors are happy to support our clients from an early stage in the development of their project. We offer a design and build service to ensure that our clients benefit from our professional team’s many years experience.

Q: My project is outside the Midlands area in the UK, would Abbotsbury still consider this?

A: We regularly work with established clients on projects across the UK. Location is not an issue for us. The overriding consideration is that we are able to maintain a high standard of workmanship and deliver a project that meets our client’s expectations.

Q: Should I contact a specific Abbotsbury employee to discuss my project?

A: To allow us to direct your enquiry to the best-suited person, please contact our customer service team using the details on our ‘contact’ page. They will ensure that we deal with this in the most effective way.

Q: What is the general response time if I submit an enquiry?

A: We endeavour to answer all queries as quickly as possible. Our customer service team will respond to your enquiry within a working day whenever possible.

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